September 24, 2010

Inglewood is appointed as Financial Advisor to Kiebler Recreation, LLC, dba Peek ''n Peak Resort and Spa

Peek ‘n Peak, which first opened in 1964, is a full service hotel and spa resort, offering 27 downhill ski slopes and two eighteen hole golf courses, located in Western New York.  Inglewood was appointed as Financial Advisor four months after Kiebler Recreation had filed for bankruptcy protection, required a concerted effort to get up to speed on all that had happened in the case prior to Inglewood’s appointment.  Inglewood took over the responsibility for preparation of cash forecasts and budgets and the preparation of US Trustee reports.  Inglewood is also consulting with the debtor on issues such as the plan of reorganization, and opine on the feasibility thereof, and acting as a liaison between the Debtor and the various parities in interest concerning accounting and cash issues.