December 16, 2009

Player Wire Wheel's plan of reorganization was confirmed

Player Wire Wheel is in the wholesale and retail automobile wheels and tires business with revenues reaching $47 million. The company began to experience operational issues and in late 2008 experienced the death of its founder and owner. The company’s bank effectively froze its line of credit, subsequently leading to the company’s filing for bankruptcy protection. In the course of this case, Inglewood:

  • Helped remove the substantial animosity and mistrust amongst the parties;
  • Took the Debtor’s time required to close their monthly statements from over three months to less than 20 days;
  • Prepared cash budgets and tracked actual cash to those budgets;
  • Provided guidance as to the day to day operations of the business and sales function;
  • Proposed the structure of the reorganized entity that allowed the company to emerge from bankruptcy;
  • Prepared projections that indicated that the proposed plan was feasible;
  • Testified in Bankruptcy Court regarding the feasibility of the plan;
  • Actively participated in the negotiations with the senior secured lender;
  • And otherwise assisted in this bankruptcy where all secured and unsecured creditors will be paid in full.