Turnaround business situations often require a valuation or a transaction as part of the solution.  Given these challenges, Inglewood bridges the gap to an optimal transaction solution for its clients.

Inglewood had a depth of experience in valuation, due diligence and transaction advisory, having participated in well over 50 transactions.  We will assess the quality of earnings of the company which is so important to buyers, and we develop a fully vetted forecast that the buyer can count on.

Inglewood will assist with finding the right buyer for the transaction, and will guide you through the sale process.  

Post-acquisition, investors often seek a periodic external review of operations and the quality of management.  You seek to identify any emerging issues that might hurt profitability and value long term.  Inglewood has the experience to support you in that effort.

Areas of Expertise:



The following are success stories that highlight each of the following areas of our transaction advisory and valuation services:


Buy or Sell Side Due Diligence

Buy or Sell Side Advisory

Whatever stage your business is in, we can help you improve your performance

We would be pleased to undertake an initial consultation with you and/or your client to consider alternative approaches to meeting their business needs.

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