Engagement Story

Financial Advisor for Chapter 7 Trustee for Failed 130 Store Retailer

When this rapidly growing retailer ran out of funds and closed down, a Chapter 7 Trustee was appointed and hired Inglewood as financial advisor.  Inglewood to date has assisted the Trustee in evaluating proposals from candidates to manage the liquidation sale and monitored the liquidation sale result for the Trustee.  In addition, Inglewood organized, catalogued and stored the documents and other key materials at the company's abandoned headquarters offices.  One of Inglewood's key assignments was to perform a diagnostic review of the timing and reasons the company failed to assist counsel in evaluating possible claims against officers, directors or others.  Inglewood also performed an accelerated review of potential high-value preference claims to enable the Trustee to make timely demands for return of payments, and assisted the Trustee and counsel in evaluating the need for a forensic review of electronic files and computers.