Engagement Story

Financial Advisor to Printer

Inglewood was engaged at the request of the bank to evaluate the company's cost structure due to on-going losses.  The owner was very reluctant to engage Inglewood, feeling that no one could understand his business better than himself, but he did so to placate the bank.  The owner had a set of metrics that he used to run the business as his compass, but recently the metrics were not producing the results that he expected.  Inglewood quickly reviewed the cost system, assessed the owner's set of metrics and provided a report and recommendations to the owner.  Inglewood's report demonstrated that the metrics the owner had always used to run the business were inaccurate and not reflective of the company's cost structure.  After the presentation of the report, the owner stated that Inglewood provided them with insights into his costs well beyond those that he had gained in the nearly twenty years that he had owned the company.