Engagement Story

Home Improvement Product Manufacturer and Installer as Part of Legal Dispute

Inglewood was engaged in this situation by the domestic relations court judge to protect, preserve and improve the operations of this entity which was part of a marital estate.  The marital estate held two operating companies and a multitude of real estate partnerships.  The case involved accusations of substantial theft and threats of physical harm between the parties, ultimately leading to a criminal conviction.  Inglewood took over the day-to-day management of the business and worked toward calming the workforce. While assessing the operations, Inglewood identified numerous, significant operating and safety improvements to operations, as well as improvements to financial reporting methodologies.  Inglewood oversaw the closure of one of the operating companies that was not viable.  This case, which required multiple reports and testimony to the court, was resolved through a structured settlement.  Several of the attorneys stated that the case was settled primarily due to Inglewood's involvement.